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Another reason to walk the walk

Introducing the Uploma™...
We’ve designed and built the highest quality recognition statement. A product that finally matches a university level of effort. Designed for current or past graduates and built with the finest materials, we craft each Uploma™ with your school’s branding. Completely customizable, you can specify year, degree, and graduate name. Personalize your very own or give one as a gift. A Uploma™ makes the perfect desktop diploma for any Graduate or Alumni.

Select a unique school design and personalize it!

Universally accepted by grads and alumni alike.

Framing a diploma or wearing a class ring are dying traditions. The new way to highlight your college accomplishment is with a Uploma™. A 3D, 5lb multi sided icon that instantly tells everyone where you went to school. We now live in an age of recognition and the Uploma™ captures that spirit. It is unique. It is eye catching. It showcases everything about YOU!

Recognize the years where you came to belong. Harken back to those college days that were filled with memories to last a lifetime: Game Day, Championship Runs, Fraternities/Sororities, etc. These are the experiences you remember. These are the experiences that shaped and prepped you for life.

The Uploma™ will generate instant conversation about those college days to anyone who sees it. It begs to be held and once in your hand you can't put it down. It will be a constant reminder of the years where you came to belong.


    Personalize it by telling your story.

    Add all your information and even personal quotes, accolades or achievements. Do you want some of your engraving in a different language? We can do that! Send us a special request here.


    Proudly display, in detail, one of life's biggest achievements.

    The front sides of the Uploma™ clearly display the graduate’s name, year, and degree. You can even add degree concentrations. This is all wrapped up with premium finishes and school logos.

Testimonials that stand the test of time – we’ll make sure your story is told.

  • Debbie Alderson, Texas Tech Grad Parent

    "We just think it's a great gift to give and get. We're all huge Tech people, and when you see a Texas Tech Uploma™ you know it's right for you!"

  • Aaron Tyler, Park University Grad

    Aaron says the piece is "solid," people like it when they see it right away. "I have to keep polishing it with the cloth that comes with it because everyone wants to hold it! I like it a lot, and it’s something I will have for a lifetime."

  • Jordan Decker, Kansas University Grad

    "It looks sharp and very professional. When I saw it, I knew I had to have one. The shininess of the Colors Edition Uploma™ makes it attractive. Everybody wants to hold it when they see mine at work! The ability to personalize it really sets it apart - you can’t do that with a boring old piece of paper diploma."

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